Sunday, May 3, 2009

Windmill Designs

Hello to those who expressed interest in the WindWheel design,

Unfortunately I have been distracted by personal events and have not been able to devote time to publish more information about the particulars of this new development. Please be patient and I will provide as much specific information as I can. I can see why people are selling information because it is difficult to produce an information packet without adequate resources.
Paul F.

Notes for May 2009

Hello for May
We are still searching for land to do research with the horses that is safe and also to develop our inventions such as the windwheel. Recently I found that the American Sioux Indian Black Elk had a near death vision when he was nine years old in the 1800's wherein a great black stallion came to him and sang a song to him that said"My horses, they are coming. My horses, they are coming. From all over the universe they will come. " He said the stallion sang to him that the horses would dance and sing and that there would be such joy that all things living on the earth would also dance and sing. The stallion was black.
The stallion who volunteered to help in creating a stable contact (like a clear radio signal) with the dolphins was the beautiful and loving black Arabian stallion Sable Shadow. All the other stallions at the center and the mares, foals, two dogs and a cat joined in. This clear connection was available for five months. The drug addict and alcoholic neighbors chose this leader stallion as one of the first to be injected with a mix of poisons. In three and a half weeks all the stallions who performed as the Thundering Hooves Ministries stallions had been killed(murdered), all but one.
It really uplifts my soul that Black Elk over a hundred years ago was shown something which I am just now discovering in my equine research. Also, I believe God will send back stallions who are willing to work with me, the mares and other animals to continue this research that proves peace on earth to be attainable. I plan on adding websites that show ways to contact groups who have more information on Black Elk's visions and teachings.
No matter how much people who hate try to silence the truth, the truth will find a way to show itself again.