Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

     An attitude of gratitude pulls in good things to you and others.  It starts with forgiveness, which is sometimes hard to achieve. 

    Here in Texas it is a bright, sunny, cool day, sweater weather.  All the animals are happy and playful.  The Morgan colt has grown to 15 hands 3 1/2 inches already and is begging for training and attention.  He is figuring out all kinds of new tricks on his own, like teasing dogs and sneaking his head into the hay enclosure.  He is very smart.

    Since the President won the election, we had all better be thinking about raising our own food with our horses, teaching them how to plow and cultivate, growing healing herbs and learning about them.  Did you know that people age 70 and up are already being denied diabetes care, dialysis for failing kidneys, and no treatment for aneurysms if they are bleeding to death?  In 2014, people 70 and up will only be allowed painkillers even if they are in a car wreck. I heard this from a doctor's son whose father says he will quit practicing medicine in 2014 if Obamacare is put into place at this time.  It is in the elderly of our culture that our true history is still recorded, knowledge of making things and raising plants and animals, home health care and remedies.  When a culture destroys its elderly, it destroys the knowledge bearers.  All of us will have to help each other and our animals now.  It is up to each of us to protect and care for each other and the earth. 

     Blessings on this holiday of thanks.  You might want to make a list of ten things for which you are thankful.  When  you feel down, take out the list and look at it or do a new list.