Sunday, September 14, 2008

Inventions for farm, ranch, and independent living

Hi again.

We are involved with other research besides equine behavioral research. That is, we are connected to other research interests. I would like to tell you about the Makers Faire in Austin October 18 and 19. It is for inventors, engineers, arts and crafts folks, gardeners and everybody else who is a do-it-yourselfer. There will be food and music for all to enjoy. Their web-site is and there is time to reigster as a "maker" until midnight tonight. So if you are creative, hurry!

Our main invention is the Windwheel, a new kind of windmill that can pump water or make all the electricity needed for a farm, ranch, or several homes. It was originally invented by a fellow in Colorado, but he was an older fellow and did not like all the political hassle, he called it, of making a go of it. So he gave us his invention with the stipulation that we "give it to the world". That is what we are trying to do. The Windwheel is more efficient than pretty much any windmill on the market today. It looks like a waterwheel on its side, operates in a gentle breeze of 5-10 mph and up to hurricane force winds of 90-100 mph. This takes it out of the league of any other windmill out there, since they have to be shut down for safety's sake in very high winds. It can operate with wind from any direction. It can be made with a hydraulic motor sitting inside one single pole or with a variation designed by my husband on a tripod. It can be made virtually any size and still work. The vanes do not need to be metal; they can be wood or even tightly stretched cloth, making this windmill a way for poor people all over the world to fairly cheaply produce their own water and/or electricity. We will be trying to demonstrate this technology at the Makers Faire if we are selected to have a booth. Also at the fair we will be showing our new ecologically sound housing designs of ferrocement concrete and other materials in structures that flow in harmony with the environment and are bug-proof, earthquake-resistant, and hurricane and tornado-proof. These homes are available to be built by us or by you yourselves along with the Windwheel.

I also being New Amish (full gospel Amish) hope to have some serviceable, attractive Amish aprons for sale at the fair. This will give me something to be doing with my hands besides just sitting there at the booth looking Amish.

Since this isn't our Amish information website, I will just explain that the Amish and New Amish people are people that live or try to live pure lives and live in harmony with God, other people, the earth, and animals. They live a life of peacefulness and humane existence with all things. Many of the Amish are also very creative and inventive. The New Amish do not necessarily quit school at age fifteen or tenth grade. Those who wish may pursue whatever level of education they desire. They have church services at home or in a public bulding or both.
Anyway, enough about us. This post is mostly about Flow, our house division or area of Katy Bear Designs and the Windwheel, which is a new way to use the wind to pump water and make electricity for a farm or small community. God bless.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mailing address for us

Hello again! Just checking to see that they haven't deleted us politically incorrect folks yet. PIC= politically incorrect. Here's our mailing address.

American Equine Research Institute
P.O. Box 2585
Granite Shoals, Texas 78654

I think I'm going to try to put something in here to keep Google's automated web crawler from erasing our site again and ending four hours of typing work.
Here is a spontaneous poem honoring the star of our
horsey research work- the beautiful and honorable Sable Shadow, the mission's black Arabian stallion.

Blue is my heart without you.
You come in my dreams, my love.
They killed you with poison.
Because of your love for us, you tried so hard to live.
Your children honor you.
The silver and gold cords of love
They carry with them in their hearts.

You come to me in my dreams
We ride through the fields and down the streets
While I am sleeping, only while I am sleeping.

I feel your love from the other side of heaven
And I know that you are waiting for us,
Heart of my heart, love of my life.

Hello, here we are again!

Well, we were here for one month and then got deleted. Haven't figured out why yet. Now, we are back.

Who are we? We are American Equine Research Institute. We study horses, their intelligence, behavior, genetics and the horses participate of their own free will. They are not forced to do anything. Kind of like the centers for dolphin research where the dolphins can swim in or out and back to sea whenever they feel like it. If this blog does not get deleted again, I suppose we will start all over and re-type everything that was here before.

What was here before? The history of our research proving that an ancient prophecy was true and beginning to happen in Texas. The prophecy is written in Hosea 2:14-23 in the Bible. It may be written in other places and in other traditions. That was one of the things we were trying to find out. It is mentioned also in the book of Isaiah, also in the Old Testament. Briefly this prophecy states that when God makes a covenant(agreement) with the animals, there will be peace on earth. There will be full communication between God, humans, animals, plants, and the earth. I suppose somebody did not like this discovery, because our previous web-site got deleted. Also, some people must have not liked this research because the horses who volunteered themselves for this discovery also got deleted by the neighbors to the research facility. The stallions who performed for Christian "cowboy Christian" song and worship services by running around and doing things as a group while songs were being sung initiated contact between themselves, the mares at the facility, dogs and cats at the facility and humans and dolphins. In other words, our best and most wonderful research project was initiated by our four-footed equine "brothers". Things were very exciting at the mission ranch for seven or eight months as we followed up on these fortuitous discoveries. Then the neighbors started catching and killing the horses with poison while the humans were at day jobs. In three weeks almost all the stallions were dead, having been injected with a hospital disinfectant, arsenic, lead and mercury. The neighbors did not stop there. The poison was put in the drinking water and hay for the mares and babies, and in the drinking water for the other animals and finally into the drinking water for the humans at the center. Local law enforcement has ignored this as well as two years of hate crimes against the mission and research center. So we fled with the remaining still living animals to the ranch of some friends, where one by one some of the animals are still dying of cancer caused by the poison and related problems from the poison.
Also, the human researchers are ill from this. What is so bad about this that our blog site got deleted? Why do some people hate people who do things that will make life on this earth better for every human being, better for every animal, and better for the planet, too?

When we started this blog the first time we made it all sweetness and light and as positive as possible. We barely skimmed over what happened to the humans and animals involved in this project. Google deleted us. We didn't have prurient content, no four-letter words, no mean stuff. We just told what happened to us and what we had discovered which we think was one of the neatest things on earth. Well, if we are still here in thirty days maybe it will be safe to type all the very pretty, nicely written stuff all over again.