Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 29, 2012 update on research

Hello, looks like it has been a while since we added to this blog. Our research center had to be abandoned six years ago due to hate crimes and vandalism against everyone on the land. Where the remaining horses involved in the original research are living now is not conducive to continuing the research. We are still hoping for a location that is horse-friendly with better security than the last place. Within a year of being poisoned with phenol, arsenic, lead and mercury, three out of six of the research church mission ranch dogs had died of cancer. Phenol, which is now used to embalm bodies instead of formaldehyde, is also a cancer-causer. Our youngest dog, a cute little chihuahua named Sandy, who was poisoned by the neighbors with this at six to eight weeks of age in her drinking water, now has three cancer tumors on her. She is only five and a half years old. We had cancer surgery on our six year old fawn Doberman Thunder, but she died of internal hemorrhaging six weeks after the succesful cancer surgery. We still owe the vet clinic $65 plus interest for cancer tests. We have decided not to put Sandy through cancer surgery since the other dog died within weeks of surgery. Our kitty cats continue to have problems from the poison and have died within weeks of spay-neuter surgeries. It has been six years since these crimes happened and the perpetrators still walk free.

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