Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Horse help and ant attacks in the garden

Oh, we have been too busy here on the ranch.  Too busy for internet.  The colt is doing well, almost two years old now and over 16 hands.  So much for short, easy to get on foundation Morgans.  Not.  At least not him.  Horse farming equipment has been donated and when we get more harness we can start training everybody how to plow and cultivate or at least plow once and add compost, Azomite mineral supplement and mulch since some web sites now say plowing is unnecessary.  They have not seen the native soil in this area which is rock hard and makes huge clumps when you break it up with a grubbing hoe- similar to an ax.  

    Not much other news at this time.  The colt went potty enough in one corner of the yard in a year that the earth beneath softened up enough for successful planting of corn, squash, beans, canteloupe and watermelon.  Then the red ants, a native Texas ant, came in and carted off some of the seeds and parts of the plants.  The fire ants came in an finished off the last squash plant even though I broke down and used Amdro on the fire ants.  The ants died, but not before they had sucked all the life out of my pretty squash plant.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.  The colt tried to help by watching and playing with the water hose.  Like some kitties and dogs, he wants to be in the middle of everything.  

   Have a great week!!

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